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New, Easier Posting for Everybody
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Author:  ConnieS [ Fri Jan 04, 2008 12:04 pm ]
Post subject:  New, Easier Posting for Everybody

Now you can post your own tunes, write your comments, and be done. No more waiting around for a moderator to log in and post it for you. Here's what you do:

When you post a message, you may have noticed that you can add attachments, just like in your email account. Well, just add your mp3 as an attachment, write your own comments, and it's up there for everyone to download and listen to.

To add an attachment:
1) Browse your computer for the mp3. mp3's only, please--no wav files.
2) When it's found, click "Add the file." It may take some time to add, depending on your connection speed. Be sure to wait until your browser indicates that you're done.
3) Then submit your message, complete with comments.

Unfortunately, we can't use the new mp3 player for attached files. We can only download them.

If you have a file storage site of your own, such as Fileden, feel free to post that as a link and add the mp3 player if you'd like. The mp3 player, unfortunately, does not work for EZfolk links.

If you would still like to use the ftp folders, I've kept the IE iinstructions here:
To use Internet Explorer: Just open your browser and type the location.

Use this username and password:

user name: pwatunes
password: mystyle

Then on the right hand side of your browser you'll find a drop down menu called "Page." Drop the menu and click "Open ftp site in Windows Explorer." You may have to re-enter your password. Then drag your file from My Computer into the browser window and the file will transfer (does not work with FireFox). [Sorry, you Mac users are on your own.]

use songtitle_screenname
No spaces or punctuation, please. Lower case, please.

So for example I would place my file as amazinggrace_shadoes.mp3
That way when others posted their Amazing Grace files it would not overwrite mine or anyone elses as the file names would be unique.

After you upload your file please PM that you did giving the file name you uploaded. It will then be added to the relevant thread for discussion. Right now we’re sending PMs to Connies, Adrian or to Shadoes.

To use Firefox, Kitty says:

Once one downloads and installs the Firefox add-on "IE Tab" and clicks the icon it will install on the bottom of one's Firefox browser to switch the page over to IE rendering.

One need never open IE again. :)

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