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Psalm 137
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Author:  TC [ Tue Mar 31, 2009 9:50 am ]
Post subject:  Psalm 137

I wanted to get a quick version of this on tape while it was fresh in my head. A close friend came up with the music and lyrics and it's one of my favorites.

A bit on the recording : We used this psalm 2 weeks ago and it really stuck with me, both the melody and the meaning. I'm leading our music group on guitar but I kept hearing different places this could use a whistle part. Here I'm trying to do all the parts and yes, that's me singing or mumbling as the case may be. This one may be little faster tempo the original.

A bit on the Psalm : Now, I am no bible scholar so I encourage you to open one and find out more about this psalm. Basically, it talks about the time when the jews were in captivity. They refused the Babylonians request to sing songs because they thought joyful songs went against their mournful memories of their native land. The cool thing about this one is that another present day meaning could easily be applied here if the lyrics are interpreted literally.
Let my tongue be silenced Lord, if I ever forget you.

Psalm 137

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