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Author:  gregoryturner [ Fri Feb 09, 2007 6:21 pm ]
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My first sticky!!! this is the first time anything I have done has been made into a sticky anywhere:) Thanks:)

Author:  Kathy [ Fri Feb 09, 2007 10:13 pm ]
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HA Ha! Holy Cannolie Adrian! That's one great colletion of whistles you and Susan have!!! :D :lol: What fun! I'm glad that this thread was stickied. Greg, I would like to know what yours are too.

Adrian, If you have the time and know what they all are, I would like to know what yours are too .

Ok here is my list: :D

From left to right...
1. Alba Alto G, This was an added bonus when I won the Q1 whistle from Alba/Stacey.
2. Dixon alto A. this is tunable and is an awesome ez playing whistle one of my fav's.
3. Bb Hoover Whitecap praise whistle made espeically by our own Mack. I love this whistle.
4. JudyK C whistle, Another special whistle on loan from and made by JudyK because mine got lost and she is a sweetie to loan it to me until she can make me another one. I play it just about every day. The one I lost was a gift from Judy.
5. Mack's special Katrina Hoover D whistle. It was a gift whistle too.
6. Alba Q1 My most played whistle of all. Won this in a contest.
7. Copper Parkhurst D Quiet whistle. Gift from my daughter and my first "real/Handmade" whistle.
8. Black Diamond D (Syn whistle, I think?)
9. Syn D from Austrailia
10. Serpent Trio Brass set C,D, Eb. The etching is vines and dragonflies and bugs. I won the set in a contest.
11. Walton D
12. Doolin D
13. Feadog D
14. Generation D
15-17. 3 Woodstock Clarke C's Ihad 3 D's but put them in some Katrina care packages. Bought these at a farm supply store for less than $3.00 each.
18-20. Clarke Meg Gold, Silver, Black D's
21. Clark original D
22. Clark original C
23. One of those cheap Cooperman tin whistles with a huge icky unfinished fipple woodblock. It plays great with alot of chiff. Bought for $6.00 at a civil war tourist place.
24. Palantivo Tin Whistle. The guy at the little music store where I bought it said that it was ordered from a school supply instrument place. It isn't much of a whistle. I have never heard of these before.
25. I haven't got a clue what this is, My friend bought it at a craft festival. It has one hole on the back and it only plays when the humidity is high.
26. A Tabor pipe I won on C&F from Beth"Aventria", I never could spell her user name). Her cat picked the winner :lol: I still can't play it and drum on something at the same time.
27. Angel Recorder my daughter gave to me. It's still a mystery to me.
28. A "G" Nickle fife that I won in a contest when IDAwHOa moved and needed help choosing his new user name on PWA. By the way, Where is he. He hasn't posted in a long time.
29. :P A Nose Flute I got at a dulcimer festival a couple of years ago.
30-31. The 2 across the top are a Dixon Low D and an Alba Low D. I won the Alba on a tour contest.

Almost all my whistles are of sentimental value to me. :D

Kathy :)

Author:  ConnieS [ Sat Feb 10, 2007 12:04 pm ]
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Thanks for the l-r details, Kathy. You have some beautiful whistles.

My whistles. :mrgreen: A modest collection, but I likes 'em very much.

left to right:
GFM prototype of his new G whistle, which came with a D tube
Susato A
Susato Bb
Water Weasel tunable C
Silkstone PVC C
Burke DAN
O'Brien C (copper tube) with Eb and E tubes in nickel-plated copper
Greenwood tunable D in cocobolo (great for playin' the blues)
Mellow Dog D
Twenty year old Feadog (used to make bulkier mouthpieces back then) D
Jubilee Ahava Rabba with a tweaked Feadog head D
Teaching Meg D
Clarke original (Connie-tweaked) D
Judy Eb
Two Walton Little Black whistles, tweaked. Right one is taped for harmonizing.
Four plastic recorders.
I have no idea. Some kind of flute with a raised mouthpiece.
Nondescript souvenir thingy stamped (in English) with "Bedwin Flute" :roll:
Hall Crystal flute I won in a writing contest

Author:  ConnieS [ Sat Feb 10, 2007 1:08 pm ]
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Here's Josh's collection (former student of mine).

left to right:
Susato F
Susato Bb
Syn Bb
Syn B
More syn tubes:
Syn C
Syn C#
Syn D
Tony Dixon tunable composite D

It's a small collection for a whistler, but he makes very good use of it.

Author:  Kathy [ Sat Feb 10, 2007 5:24 pm ]
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Nice collections Connie and Josh. Thanks for sharing them and what they all are.

I wonder if that one that you don't know about could be a North American (Indian) flute? Don't they have a thing on the top of the sound hole called a fetish or something like that?

I hope more PWAers post a picture of their whistles too. This is fun seeing what everyone else is playing.

Kathy :)

Author:  ConnieS [ Sat Feb 10, 2007 6:19 pm ]
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Whatever it is it's just for show (and tourists). Holes are equally sized and equidistant. Another one that was given to me by a well-meaning friend. I thought I saw a flute with a fetish in Adrian's collection. Adrian, where'd you get a native American flute?

Author:  Adrian [ Sat Feb 10, 2007 11:17 pm ]
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The flute you say may be only for show may not be. Does it play? If it is a Bedouin flute then the holes should be the same size and equidistant. It should sound adiatonic and not like a western scale and there should be a lot of chiff. The recordings below are of the ney but they will give you an idea of the kind of scale your flute should have. ... 2143849633 ... d85.914957

My NAF came from a Peruvian flutist I met. He also gave me a rosewood quena.

Author:  Kristos [ Sun Feb 11, 2007 9:31 am ]
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Left to Right:
···Novelty Panflute- Looks nice, don't play nice. Well, the first 6 or 7 notes are okay. $5?
···Another Novelty Panflute- Looks nice, plays horribly. $5?
···Homemade Bamboo Clack Thingy - Woodburning practice. Makes a good sharp percussion sound.
···Whistle from Pigeon Forge (Dollywood). From the "Festival of the Nations" Equador Exibit. This thingy doesn't play all that great. $5.00 I think.
···Another one from dollywood. I think $4.00. Sounds pretty good!
···Homemade Bamboo Panflute - Hard to play!
···Homemade Elderberry whistle - It died on me. :P
···Brad White Tenor Panflute - EXCELLENT! LOVE IT! $139, I think.
Below That:
···Homemade Bamboo Flute, 2 homemade bamboo whistles. One came out alright.
···Duduk with 3 reeds. Costs around $70. Excellent, fun, beautiful! Get one!
···Xaphoon. Hard to play, great anyway! $79.95
Right of the Panflute:
···Homemade Bamboo Kena (Quena) - Very hard to play. I like it. :)
···Kena I got from LisaD - WONDERFUL! Beautiful tone, tricky, fun, I love it!
···Kena from Bolivia, I think. - Soso. Not quite in tune. The bone mouthpiece smells like a dog and it is cracked. I like it anyway. It looks quite nice! $20

Top - Left to Right:
···Bean Shaker from Dollywood, made in Cameroon. Loud. Cool. Sounds like rain almost. $18
···Wooden blocks - Cut off from a 2x4 stud. I like the tone. You should get some.
···Dulcimer - Yellow Poplar (Green wood), from Smoky Mtn. Knife Works, made by Katy Parton. Not perfect, but I really like this dulcimer. $180
···Moeck Rottenburgh Soprano Recorder - I really like this feller! I need to buy more recorders.
···Dulcimer - Spruce. Loud. Made by Mark Eubank. Nice. Perfect tuning. I really like it! $250 And notice there is a 3/4 fiddle bow sitting on the thing. ;)
Bottom - Left to Right:
···Homemade Copper Low G - One of my first homemade whistles. Weak and out of tune, but has a nice tone.
···Homemade Copper C whistle body with mellow head - The head makes it louder and mellower. Sorta like a generation Bb or a Waltons C.
···Homemade Copper C#/Db whistle - one piece, very unique quiet tone. Works good for soft tunes.
···Homemade D whistle with normal head - These heads have a sweet, bright tone.
···Another Homemade D whistle with normal head.
···Homemade D whistle with extended windway - This funny looking head gives a LOT of backpressure.
···Homemade Eb whistle with normal head - Great fit in my pocket!
···Small odd-scale bamboo whistle - MY FIRST HOMEMADE WHISTLE! YAY!
···Homemade PVC whistle and flute head - Flute not good, whistle works great.
···Homemade PVC D whistle, quiet head - VERY quiet whistle, great when others are sleeping. Doesn't play a full 2 octaves.
···Fife swab. Not an instrument. Not a toy. Not for children ages 3 and under. Misuse may result in damaged eyes or other serious consequences. Jim can use it with full adult supervision.
···Hall Pyrex C Fife - Loud, not the pertiest tone, but an alright flute. Looks cool! Not worth the price. $60
···Waltons C Tinwhistle - An EXCELLENT whistle for a cheapie! I play it all the time. Bought it for $9 at Dollywood in the Irish Store.
···Susato C Small Bore body. $18.95
···Susato D Small Bore whistle - Loud, not a tinwhistle sound, but beautiful nonetheless. Works great for Praise and Worship. $37.90
···Clarke Natural in D - Horrible when it arrived, wouldn't play the second octave, etc. I beat on it a bit, seeing it's just a thin metal sheet, and fixed it easy. I like it now! A bit dented up. $8.00 and worth it!
···Tweaked Sweetone in D - I bought it tweaked... and it wouldn't play but about 5 notes! and they sounded HORRIBLE!!! So apparently the tweak went bad. I removed part of it, and it much improved the whistle, but the windway seems permanently damaged. I should get a sweetone one of these days, cause I've still never really 'played' one. $15.00
···Burke D Brass Session Black Tip - EXCELLENT WHISTLE!!! Pure bright tone. No wood, so it's pretty much water proof. Great for many tunes. BUY ONE!!! $140
···Waltons D - To be honest with you, very very squeaky. I got it for $9.00
···Feadog D - Squeaky, but nice, particularly on the fast tunes. $8.60 I made mine pure and sweet, but quiet with a tweak.
···Homemade Clay Ocarina - Plays one octave, it's unfinished. It's fun.
···Cheap harmonica - I still can't get music out of this thing. :) I can play a C chord.

Left to Right:
···Eric the Flutemaker Bb Flute - Nice flute. $40
···Homemade Copper Bb body and Flute Head - Difficult to play, but I like it.
···Two Genereation Bb Whistles - I like the mellow tone. GREAT for only $6
···Impempe Aluminum Bb - Beautiful quiet tone, whistle made by our Ian Turnbul.
···Hoover Surprise Whistle in G - Mack made this one for me! It has a nice tone. I think it was $50.
···Jubilee Brass E with Whistle and Flute head - Very nice whistle! Flute ain't too bad. Not perfectly in tune, D nat (Cnat on a D whislte) is hard to hit, has to be half-holed. I love this whistle! I think it was around $70 for the body and whistle head.
···Dixon Low D - Carolyn (IrishLass) sold me this for around $70, its an easy finger stretch (for me) and it sounds beautiful! Sorta quiet, WONDERFUL TONE. Get one of these too!
···Jubilee $28 PVC Low D - Great for a first Low D, nice airy tone, off tune, but wonderful instrument! And only $28!
···Homemade Copper Low D - This sucker is HEAVY! Hard finger stretch, interesting tone, I like it.
···Student Flute - I like it. No idea the price, probably around 100-200 dolars. I should probably get a better head for it one day.
···Homemade PVC Flute - I think it's Eb, it's quiet and has a beautiful tone. The block molded the first day!!!!!!!
···Ukranian Low C chromatic whistle - Got it from the Ukranian guys at Dollywood, $50. Cool. Not too bad a stretch for a low C! It has a hole for every finger. I like it. You should also get one of these. :P

And here's what I left out:
···Another Homemade Copper High D (it's in my car)
···Homemade 2 Octave Chimes. (First two chimes are out of tune.)
···I also like to make computer midi tracks:

:whistle1: :mdulcimer: :flute:

Author:  Kristos [ Sun Feb 11, 2007 9:35 am ]
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Maybe I should have had that published as a book. If you read it all, you deserve a Waltons Mellow D!

Author:  KittyR [ Sun Feb 11, 2007 12:03 pm ]
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Wow. Some collection! And great sound clips.

Do you actually use the bow on the dulcimer?

Author:  Kristos [ Sun Feb 11, 2007 1:34 pm ]
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KittyR wrote:
Do you actually use the bow on the dulcimer?

Sometimes. It's really tricky, but it's fun and doesn't sound all too bad.

Author:  Kathy [ Sun Feb 11, 2007 4:13 pm ]
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Great Stuff Kristos! Hey, you could be an author. :D Love the sound files. I got a feeling that Adrians list is gonna write like a book too. :D

Purty dulcimers too. ;)

Kathy :)

Author:  mutepointe [ Sun Feb 11, 2007 6:40 pm ]
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dear kristos:

my wife says your spouse must be one lucky person. and reading between the lines, what i heard was, "don't even think about it."


Author:  gregoryturner [ Mon Feb 12, 2007 3:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Show Us Your Whistles!

gregoryturner wrote:
Gregory, your thread is now officially stickied. Thanks for sharing!! :D
Anyone else care to share pics of your collection?

Here are Gregory's pics.



I hope this worked:)

Ok I have made my list to the best of my ability so here it is...

Home made pcpvc low d... made by me:) plays well
Eb made by the guy I bought most of these from--plays well
Generation G- plays very well
Ab- plays fair
Kumar Madhor bansi flute in Bb- plays very well
Clarke C-plays very well
Clarke Sweetone C-plays very well
Feadog D-plays very well
Clarke D- old trusty
G-made by guy in England
Shaw E- plays very well
Generation F- plays very well
Do not know key--plays nice
bamboo-needs work
side blown thingy- only plays in 1st octave
A- plays well in 1st octave... 2nd is VERY windy
do not know key-- plays nice
from Peru- ???Key
know nothing at all about this one
Bamboo--needs work
Eb-made by guy in England
another 2 (not pictured) one does not play and the other I gave to my boy... I also made a high D from cpvc that plays very nice, I gave that one to the boy.
I also have a B recorder that I gave to the kids after learning a few tunes on my whistles...
There is no comparison... I love the whistling more than recorder:):)

Author:  Kristos [ Mon Feb 12, 2007 4:53 pm ]
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mutepointe wrote:
dear kristos:

my wife says your spouse must be one lucky person. and reading between the lines, what i heard was, "don't even think about it."


Actually, no spouse.
My brother is the one so lucky as to have to endure my whistling in a small room. :mrgreen: He takes it quite well... until I unleash the Susato!

Author:  Tommy [ Tue Feb 13, 2007 8:52 pm ]
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Very nice collection Kristos. I read it all. Is there going to be a test?

Author:  gregoryturner [ Wed Feb 14, 2007 5:45 am ]
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Well, hello everyone:) I just wanted to come in and say that you all have very nice whistle collections. Mine is very small compared to you all. I am in an attempt tp collect all keys from low to high...
Also Friday, my new instruments for me to learn will be here. I have ordered a violin learn-to-play package, a bodhran learn-to-play package, and a pan flute l-t-p package for my father in law for an early fathers day gift. I will be posting a pic of my drums, guitars, whistles, dulcimer, violin, bodhran, and all equipment. I hope to do this on Saturday after I have got them in and messed with them a bit. Have a happy Jesus day everyone...

GREAT pictures btw... VERY nice collections:)

Author:  Adrian [ Wed Feb 14, 2007 5:58 am ]
Post subject: 

It would also be fun to know the history of some of the whistles in people's collections. I bet many come with a story.

Author:  jrc [ Wed Feb 14, 2007 7:28 am ]
Post subject: 

I have ordered a violin learn-to-play package,


Your family must REALLY be behind you .. or at least have no clue what they're in for :P !

love ya brother!


Author:  gregoryturner [ Wed Feb 14, 2007 4:42 pm ]
Post subject: 

jrc wrote:
I have ordered a violin learn-to-play package,


Your family must REALLY be behind you .. or at least have no clue what they're in for :P !

love ya brother!

I don't even know what I am in for but my wife is a VERY supportive woman and my kids can run and hide in their rooms.... so I think it will be ok.... :| Maybe:)

Author:  ForestCloak [ Thu Feb 15, 2007 10:20 pm ]
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*hides in shame* Sheesh, I only have one pennywhistle and two flutes :P. However, I do have:
5 metallic looking bounce balls
3 - 3lb. medicine balls
3 hard glow-in-the-dark balls
3 squishy glow balls
3 weird looking balls
2 - 2.75" acrylic balls
set of pool balls
3 tennis balls
6 hacky sack type balls
2 sock poi
1 staff
2 sai
1 nunchuku (you'd think I could spell that :P)

That's me :) The ever fooling Jester and all my toys (all the balls are for juggling) I hope to get a mandolin someday.

Author:  Adrian [ Fri Feb 16, 2007 12:01 am ]
Post subject: 

ForestCloak wrote:
*hides in shame* Sheesh, I only have one pennywhistle and two flutes :P. However, I do have:
5 metallic looking bounce balls
3 - 3lb. medicine balls
3 hard glow-in-the-dark balls
3 squishy glow balls
3 weird looking balls
2 - 2.75" acrylic balls
set of pool balls
3 tennis balls
6 hacky sack type balls
2 sock poi
1 staff
2 sai
1 nunchuku (you'd think I could spell that :P)

Please can we have a picture of them all?

That's me :) The ever fooling Jester and all my toys (all the balls are for juggling) I hope to get a mandolin someday.

Author:  ForestCloak [ Sat Feb 17, 2007 10:46 pm ]
Post subject: 

Lol, for the longest time I couldn't figure out what your post was because it was in the middle of the quote :P. I will have to try and get a picture soon :).

Author:  KittyR [ Thu Feb 22, 2007 3:35 pm ]
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Ok, here's my herd... I'm not even sure what to call some of these.

Left to Right:
Hoover Low G
Burke Low A
Generation Bb with a different top (I don't know what)
Thin Weasel C
Tommy-tweaked Feadog C and D
Syn C and D set
Clarke Sweetone D
A Hoover experiment in D
Waltons Narrow D
2 Judy E's
Another Hoover experiment in F

Every single one of these whistles was given to me as a gift. So far I've never bought one (for myself, that is).

I am blessed beyond measure.


Author:  gregoryturner [ Thu Feb 22, 2007 4:41 pm ]
Post subject: 

I can see that you are extremely blessed. THat is a fabulous collection ms Kitty. I am trying to get a whistle for every key low to high. I will get there one day:) This is a great thread!!!!:) I am thoroughly enjoying these pictures:)

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