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modern English folk music
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Author:  prayerbone [ Mon Sep 25, 2006 5:54 pm ]
Post subject:  modern English folk music

hi all,interesting series of shows on BBC recently about folk music..i caught the last show about the new musician coming through..

the show spoke about a lot of bands that came up in the acid-folk or neo folk movement, who felt they were to restricted in traditional scene i.e if martin carthy didn't like it u were in trouble(one of the quotes on the show lol more to do with a impression then anything he had said i feel)...very much like the musicians in the alt country scene in USA who turnt there back on Nashville to get inspiration from people like cash,hank,gram parson,steve earle and neil young to name a few..the English equivalent seemed to look to some of the more marginal guys like nick drake,vashti bunyan (shes recently had a re-released hit), roy harper, people that they could claim as there own as it hadn't been so famous..(even neil young lol he seems to be the g/dad of a lot of styles from alt country,grunge) i suspect its these people were outsiders originally maybe there appeal

it was a interesting show 'cause in england folk music and morris dancers was once and still is to a point considered as cool as being saved..i don't think i have ever confessed that i disliked trad folk and trad irish sorry i just find it so dreary kind of ironic because i loved dylan,donvan & trad american folk music haha we all want to be where were not i guess,give me Appalachian music any day lol..

what do u think happened to folk music on its travels to usa that made it so exciting?i suspect it was mixed with the black musicians

Author:  ConnieS [ Mon Sep 25, 2006 7:59 pm ]
Post subject: 

I'd say you're quite a bit right on that point. There's a lot of crossover in bluegrass and country blues guitar technique.

My theory is folk music is the thing to study because it always tells you a lot about the people who created it. And I like people. So I like folk music. Classical is nice, since it's a good study in music. But folk music is a good study of PEOPLE. How they think and feel. What the rhythm of their life is like.

I like Irish Traditional and I grew up in the hills of Tennessee. But I like bluegrass too.

I think you're right, Prayerbone. When the music came over it got REALLY interesting. But I also think it was really interesting to start with. ;)

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