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Author:  fancypiper [in Heaven] [ Wed Aug 16, 2006 2:19 pm ]
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Desirable whistles/pipes/etc seem to become available when I am broke...

Also, for your sharp whistles:

If the fipple is removable, you may need the "whistle tea" remedy.

Hold the whistle in hot, not boiling water, long enough to "melt" the glue used to hold it in place, then with a twisting pulling motion, remove the fipple from the tube and clean the tube so it is free of the glue. Now you can place the fipple back on to the tube and adjust it further out than it was out of the box until the bell note and the octave is in tune.

If the fipple is too loose, scrub some beeswax in the area that the fipple resides.

Be careful as I have heard the recent Generation fipples for Bb break if too much force is applied.

My D fipple broke, but I repaired it by using some nylex thread treated with beeswax and winding it carefully around the tubular part of the fipple, then scrub it with beeswax, then polish with a round pencil or scrap piece of arundo donax (one of your bad sax/clarinet reeds, maybe?) to make it completely airtight.

Author:  RonKiley [ Wed Aug 16, 2006 7:26 pm ]
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Saving up for a more expensive whistle is not always the answer. I have been diligently saving for quite some time. I have a lot of prospective purchases on the list. I can now afford any of them I want. But now I think do I really want to pay that much for that whistle? Is it really that much better than what I have? Which one should I choose? Would I prefer a neat software package? Oh it is not easy.

Author:  jimwasson [ Wed Aug 16, 2006 8:01 pm ]
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One aspect of the simplicity which Kelly mentioned is that whistles, unless they are wood, usually don't have to be assembled before playing nor swabbed/disassembled after playing. There are no keys to be adjusted/repadded, no bore to be oiled, no reeds to be broken in...

Wonder why my sax and clarinet rarely make it out of the case at home?

Author:  kelly [ Thu Aug 17, 2006 10:07 am ]
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Jim, you hit it right on the head!
My daughter has a flute, a beautiful silver flute, which never leaves her bedroom. Each time she plays she assembles, disassembles, and swabs out the bore.
I stick my whistle in the back pocket of my jeans whenver I walk outside, with or without any case. Sometimes I even forget and sit on the whistle--it has never been damaged. I play, stick it into my back pocket again, and go indoors.
If hobbits were still around, they would play whistles.

(don't TELL me hobbits were never around!!)

Author:  fancypiper [in Heaven] [ Thu Aug 17, 2006 10:11 am ]
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kelly wrote:
I stick my whistle in the back pocket of my jeans whenver I walk outside, with or without any case. Sometimes I even forget and sit on the whistle--it has never been damaged.)

It must not be a Clarke orig. whistle. I have several "bannana" whistles lying around from having that habit.

Author:  kelly [ Fri Aug 18, 2006 12:03 pm ]
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Actually, Fancypiper, I HAVE sat on my first Clarke whistle a couple of times and it survived--but it was in the back pocket of my jeans, which as you know place a whistle rather high. Afterwards, however, it dropped out of my jacket at a grocery store parking lot--and somebody picked it up. My Clarke C was not sat on, but it is dented because I threw a branch on it while chopping wood (I had brought it out to play during breaks). A good reason not to play your best whistles during outdoor work!

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