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Strange day ...
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Author:  Judy K [ Thu Dec 08, 2016 5:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Strange day ...

Ever have one of those days where nothing goes as planned? I went to town today with the goals of: 1) pick up a pre-ordered set of studded tires and have them installed; 2) get the oil changed in my van; 3) stop at AT&T store to "discuss" recent changes in my bill and account; 4) get gas; 5) stop at bank. Seemed a simple enough plan.

I did get gas and go to the bank, no problems. The tires weren't at the store yet ... or studded yet ... and 'they' weren't exactly sure when the tires were going to be there. (Strike 1?) AT&T agreed that my bill was wrong, but couldn't be fixed at their store ... has to fixed by calling and hassling some poor soul in Outer Mongolia, or somewhere. Hope they speak English .... (Strike 2?) The oil change couldn't happen because the oil plug was 'stripped' and needed a mechanic to fix it not a quick lube spot. Not mechanically inclined as far as cars go, so I called my mechanic (who had changed the oil last) and have an appointment for Monday. (Strike 3 -- hope it doesn't cost $$$$$!!)

However, God has a way to grab your attention and say it is all okay. Driving through town at very close to rush hour (blech!) I saw a sundog aka sunbow -- love any hint of a rainbow; let a driver into traffic and was rewarded by a beautiful smile and cheery wave; ended up following a truck with the license plate NJOYGOD.

It was a good day after all. :sunny2:

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