Origins of the moonwalk

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Origins of the moonwalk

Post by Tommy »

Back in the fifties when we moved to Texas there was only back & white TV. Sometimes we might see some TV at a friends house. My mother finally bought a used B&W TV with rabbit ears. We were watching all three stations. A lot of the variety shows had tap dancers. I remember seeing variations of the ''Moonwalk''. I found a link with some of them from around 1955.

There was a lot of other shows too. Not everyone had a car back then and we rode the bus, bicycle or walked. We lived on one of the busier streets in town across the street from school. I remember seeing kids I went to school with on Sunday walking to church. Men always wore a suit with a hat.
The US pulled together when it needed to for a few wars. That was before politicians figured out how to make money by keeping the country divided.
Yup those were the days. ... ays_(song)
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Re: Origins of the moonwalk

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Michael Jackson fans everywhere are aghast at the mere suggestion he didn't create the moonwalk ... not! ;)

Yes, those were the days, my friend ....


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Re: Origins of the moonwalk

Post by ConnieS »

I love that footage! Yes, it obviously didn't originate with Michael Jackson. He sure had some skill with it, though.

I do miss simpler days. :)
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