Mack’s telescopic whistle

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Mack’s telescopic whistle

Post by ConnieS »

Well, well, well. What have we here!? CutiePie, a whistler with a YouTube channel, featured our own Mack’s telescopic A whistle. What a great-sounding whistle, Mack!
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Re: Mack’s telescopic whistle

Post by Judy K »

Whistle temptation strikes! Must resist ... ](*,)

Unfortunately all my spare dollars are currently invested in a new (to me) vehicle. :roll:

Luckily for me, I have 3 of Mack's beautiful collapsible whistles -- 2 in D (different size tubes, one quieter, one fuller in tone, both beautiful!) and 1 in C (the newest). All three are within 18" of me as I type this. \:D/

Mack, the sound of the A is wonderful. CutiePie is a delight to listen to. Wish my playing did as much justice to your whistles as she does.

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