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Another Admin?

Post by daniel_bingamon »

Is there a person called "AdminFES" who is asking about doing a survey?
I've never heard of this person.

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Re: Another Admin?

Post by bridges-pdp »

Yesterday I received a PM from AdminFES and today I received one from GregFES. In both cases I was asked to click a link for a survey/offer to help cover server and hosting costs. Are these official?

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Re: Another Admin?

Post by Judy K »

Definitely not official. The only official person still posting is jrc or Mack. Dana, Kitty, Connie or Ren-10-Tin are also admins but haven't posted for a while. That's it, I think . The PMs are spam. Maybe jrc can tell us how to prevent spam PMs, or if it is even possible.

BUT ... it is good to see you two on PWA again. :wave:

edited to say - the admin list is a bit longer than I thought. Click on the green "The Team" on each forum start page for a complete list. I'm the only new add since 2011 ... and I was only added to help jrc clean out spam.

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Re: Another Admin?

Post by jrc »

Not sent by anyone form PWA. We're working to get a grip on spammers ... and slowly winning I think.

Please disregard these, but let us know about any others that seem questionable please!

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