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finding files

Post by TC »

I'm interested in hearing some of the whistle clips. Especially for the Christmas 2007 , but I can't seem to find them. Could someone point me towards them? Are they on this site ? I'm not so computer literate, maybe I need to spend more time looking......

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Post by KittyR »

Hello Tom, and welcome to this virtual back porch family gathering.

I believe all the clips have a link posted in the Christmas 2007 thread. You'll find that here:

Click the link, and hopefully the song plays on your computer.

Typically a song is uploaded, then a moderator creates and posts a link, then several people make comments. So you'll have to scroll through a lot of pages to find all the clips.

Another way to get there is go to the front page of the board, scroll down to The Praise Exchange, click on that, and you'll see all the other threads in that category as well as the Christmas one.

Finally, there are some clips posted on the Praise Clips page. These are recordings members sent in of their own projects, as opposed to The Praise Exchange, where everyone sends in their version of a selected tune.

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