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Discuss the new board features/bugs

Post by KittyR »

Some new features:
  1. Newly registered members are in the Registered Users group. All posts from RU's are held for moderation until they have 2 approved posts. Then they're automatically moved to...
  2. Full Members have access to all board features and may post without moderator approval.
  3. You may now upload attachments. This will be very handy in the Praise Exchange, and Ed or Connie will probably explain it more there. Attachments can be several types of files: mp3's, PDF's, documents, images...

    Photos may now be uploaded as attachments, but if you have an off-site photo account (such as PhotoBucket) and it's easy to post your photos from there, please continue to do so. This will save space for us in the long run. If you have difficulty with that, please go ahead and post your photos as attachments!
  4. Posting [img] links is still the same procedure as before except if your image is more than 800 pixels wide, it will be posted as a link rather than inline. (If you attach an image more than 800 pixels wide, a thumbnail will be created and links to the photo.)
  5. You may have noticed the new Topic Icons on the posting page.
  6. You may also have noticed the new buttons directly above the posting body window. I am adding new codes such as
    Center, or
    Right justify.

  7. You can save drafts of your posts and come back to them later. You'll get a warning message about certain items not being saved. That just means your smilies and icons won't be saved (and possibly attachments or links, I haven't tested it yet). You'll find your saved drafts in your UCP (User Control Panel).
  8. You can send PM's to more than one member at a time.
  9. When creating polls, you can allow members to select more than one choice or to change their vote later.
  10. Thread to which you have posted are "dotted" in the topic list.
  11. Set your birthday in your Profile and we'll all wish you a happy birthday! (Year not required.)
  12. Subscriptions and Bookmarks:
    You may Subscribe to a forum or to an individual topic. You'll receive an email whenever there's a new post.
    You may Bookmark individual topics to find them more easily later (no email is sent for new posts).
What have I missed?
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