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Judy K
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Re: A long absence

Hi, Gary. :) Love hearing from you!

I had to give up making whistles when my mother fell ill back in 2006. (Lost her in 2008, my dad in 2011, and younger brother in 2020.) Never found time to start again. Not sure if any I made and gave away are still being played, except the one I kept. It is a clear polycarbonate in C that still sings sweetly. Just played "Auld Lang Syne". (Whistle is good, player not so much. :roll: ) Still keeping a mountain dulcimer close to hand also.

What instruments are striking your fancy now? Still playing the concertina?

Not in business any longer, but do still help friends when needed. Our government sure doesn't seem to like us commoners much. :| (FYI, Susi - I help relatives & friends with income tax paperwork when they need it.)

Hope 2023 treats you & your family well, Gary .... and the rest of us, too!

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