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Introduce yourself

Hi there! I know that many of the former members coming back here know each other, but I don't know you very well so I'd love to know some about you! Where you're from, your background of music if you have one, and so on.
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Re: Introduce yourself

Live in Lansing, Michigan, USA. I've lived in Michigan for 68 of my 69 years. Started out playing clarinet in 4th grade 59 years ago, and have added saxophones, other clarinets, whistles, and flutes (most recently for the last.) I've been a member of my church's worship team for multiple years (I think somewhere between 30 and 35,) although that's on pause now as I'm helping to care for my Dad.

Married 42 years to my wife, Jennifer. We've been in the same house for a little over 40 years, with an addition put on just before our younger daughter was born. Son and younger daughter have health problems and live with us. Older daughter married to a Polish citizen; they live in Great Britain, and have daughters ages 3 years and 6 months.

Worked in health care for (I think) 39 years, the last 23 as an occupational therapist. Retired in June 2020. Enjoy vegetable gardening.

Think that's probably more than enough for now.
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Re: Introduce yourself

Reading Jim's intro I find that out that we may be twins, separated by a state border. I've lived in Ohio, USA, all 69 of my years. First musical instruments were pie pans, spoons, and a comb/tissue combo, basically a poor man's kazoo. The clarinet didn't appear until 5th grade through 10th grade, followed by trombone and baritone horn into college. I've played around with a piano, keyboards, baritone ukulele, and saxophone in spurts. Whistles, flutes, and mountain dulcimers have been my musical loves in this century. It is wonderful that the Lord only requires a joyful noise. I can do that quite well!

Spent most of my working life surrounded by numbers: bookkeeping, payroll service, tax consultant. (Yep, boring!) My dad was a genius tax consultant who started my dive into taxes around age 12 with depreciation worksheets. (Really, really boring! :geek: ) Not boring was my brief adventure as a whistle maker. I blame Mack for making it look easy.

... to be continued at a later date.

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