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Long Absence Again

Surgery at the end of January 2023 interrupted my routine and took some strength from me, but I'm making good progress. Was just checking on you folks to see if there has been an increase in participation. Hope all is well with you all.
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Re: Long Absence Again

Hi Gary, it's good to see you! Good to hear you're getting better.
It's been very quiet here and I've been away too. My foot stress fracture and things related to it made this summer quite meh and I haven't had the mental energy to try to get things going here. Now I'm finally making progress too and doing well rehab-ing the foot but learning to walk again after 4 months of not using the foot properly is hard work.

I hope to share some music here soon.
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Re: Long Absence Again

Belated response here. I've not been checking the site much lately. Glad that you're both on the mend.

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