Price Gouging?

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Price Gouging?

Post by Judy K »

Just a fair warning post:

When shopping for some items (essentials like hand soap and alcohol) on Amazon beware of the prices. As someone who, unfortunately, has a difficult time shopping (bad knees) I depend too much on online shopping. Checked out Amazon's prices for Softsoap last week because my nephew that does most of our shopping usually forgets it. Wish I had thought to do a screen shoot -- 50 oz refill for $59 & change ... not 2 or more bottles. One single bottle. That price made me decide to check out Same size bottle, same brand was available for $3.94. I bought 4.

Someone in amazonland might have heard my grumbling. A wide variation of prices were found on my next day search from $18, $38, $41 ... but the $59 bottle is missing or sold out. Granted not all the vendors are the company in question, but the $59 bottle was all on them. Probably why it disappeared.

My grump for the day ....

Hope everyone is doing well!


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Re: Price Gouging?

Post by jimwasson »

Yes, the prices on Amazon can be "outstanding." Think it's always good to check around. (Amazon is likely hoping you won't check elsewhere.)

Thanks for the warning / reminder.

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