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Ash Grove - Pretty Welsh melody, used for several hymns (e.g. Let All Things Now Living). Mostly upper octave, with a G# thrown in for interest, and a one-octave jump. (midi)

Auld Lang Syne - Just in time for New Year's! (midi)

The Black Nag - B minor jig, no half-holes, good octave change practice! (midi)

The Boys of Ballycastle - Very cool hornpipe in Em (midi)

Brian Boru's March - Slow Irish harp march, gorgeous! (midi)

Bryd One Brere (Bird On A Briar) - Oldest known love song in English (albeit Middle English). Version in G is lower, but requires many C-naturals. (midi in D) (midi in G) 

Clare Jig - Traditional Irish, in "A" Dorian mode, takes a bit of practice! (midi)

Cripple Creek - A traditional fiddle tune - take it slow at first! (slow midi) (fast midi)

Danny Boy - Written in 1910, set to traditional Londonderry Air. Totally overdone, a good way to annoy many ITrad musicians. The definitive interpretation by the Muppets. (midi)

Foggy Dew - Written in 1919, set to The Banks of Moorlough Shore (midi) 

Garry Owen - 18th-Century pub song, later the song for Custer's 7th Cavalry - (midi) 

Greensleeves - Tough to play, but just as hard to resist! (midi)

Isle of Inisfree - Beautiful and melancholy (midi) Here's a great video.

Kookaburra - An Australian folk song.  Moves fast! (midi)

Load O' Hay - a lively, minor-mode Polka. Dare ya to play it fast! (midi)

London Bridge - A nice simple tune. (midi)

Mary Had A Little Lamb - Needs no introduction! (midi)

Minstrel Boy - Heroic and heartbreaking! (midi)

Minuet In G - This one's pretty, but tricky. Bach, of course (midi)

Row, Row, Row Your Boat - a simple, well-known song that also makes a great round. (midi)

Scarborough Fair - Beautiful English folk song, also nicely done by Simon & Garfunkel. (midi)

She Moved Through The Fair - Traditional Irish tune dating from the Middle Ages, in Mixolydian mode. (midi)

Simple Gifts - 19th Century Shaker Tune, used by Aaron Copeland and others. (midi) 

Skye Boat Song (Em) - Haunting Jacobite song. Em version is lower, with a C-natural half-hole; Bm version jumps octaves, but no half-holes required. (midi in Em) (hear it in Bm)

Southwind - Pretty Irish Air (midi)

Suo Gan - Well-known Welsh lullaby, used in the movie Empire of the Sun. (midi)

Tarantella - In memory of my beloved Italian-American father-in-law, who gave me my first pennywhistle as a souvenir of his trip to Ireland (midi)

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - Even Mozart couldn't resist this traditional tune. (midi)

"Whistle" Voluntary - Purcell's Trumpet Voluntary, only not! Don't forget to trill (midi)

"Whistling" Tell - Rossini's William Tell Overture, also known as "The Lone Whistler" if played late at night! (midi)

Wraggle, Taggle Gypsies - Very fun melody, a.k.a "Never Smile At a Crocodile" (midi) 


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