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I had the privilege of visiting Mack Hoover's workshop, where "we" built a Hoover low E whistle. Mack has kindly allowed me to share the photos I took of my new whistle being built.

About Mack Hoover

Mack Hoover puts an amazing amount of time and care into each whistle. A few of us lucky whistlers have had the chance to visit Mack and spend time in his workshop.

Each of Mack's whistles is hand made, hand-voiced, and hand-tuned. His whistles are known for their gentle playing characteristics, and sweet, quiet tone. He made my low E whistle with a little bigger voice, so it can keep up with the band.

Cutting the CPVC tubing to length

Boring the tubing for brass tuning tenon

Corian destined to become a fipple plug

Cutting the plug

Trimming the plug

Mack has a jig for everything. This one is for marking the headpiece.

Cutting the fipple window

Fine-tuning the fipple plug

Shaping the beak

Signing Hoover #2290

The whistlesmith in his smithy